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Your Commitment


Coaching is an investment in your life, work or business.

Coaching is about embracing change. It is not about filling yourself up with more and more knowledge that you might acquire at a workshop or seminar, but then not apply. Coaching is about developing 'Self Awareness'. Then, it is about accepting responsibility and 'Actioning' your new found awareness . In that way real outcomes and meaningful change are experienced.

To get the best from your investment and to ensure you create meaningful and sustained change, you need to commit to at least three months' coaching. After that there are other coaching packages that will take you further towards building an authentic life or growing your business presence.

You'll also want to build in time to reflect, focus, and action the steps we identify together .... all to propel you toward the achievement of your goals and greater clarity, choice and change.

Your investment ?

If you are an individual, then your investment will be between $160 and $850 ( incl GST ) per month, depending on a variety of factors including frequency and length of coaching session, whether we meet or coach by phone, the period over which you want to be coached, and your particular needs or circumstances. 

If you are an organisation, and inparticular if the coaching is of a group, then the cost is something that we would discuss and agree.