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The benefits to be had from selfmade coaching's coaching are substantial and diverse. They include:


  • Greater self awareness + responsibility ( to action one's awareness ) ;
  • Greater self belief;
  • A ‘bigger’ picture;
  • Provision of an outlet or private forum;
  • Career and other change;
  • Feeling purposeful and passionate;
  • Better work / life balance;
  • More organized and focused;
  • Communication effectiveness;
  • Relating to others successfully;
  • A stronger personal foundation;
  • A more manageable (less up and down) life.
  • Greater alignment with one's values
  • Greater clarity – from having a focused conversation;
  • Being listened to – by someone who listens with your best interests in mind;
  • Being challenged – to go beyond where you would go yourself;
  • Exploring options – with someone who is a natural explorer;
  • Creating and implementing an action plan – that suits your life with the support of someone who believes in you.
  • Finding more meaning and real purpose
  • Becoming more authentically happy
  • Achieving goals


  • More empowered and empowering leaders·
  • Actions more aligned with the business vision;
  • Improved employee retention;
  • People working smarter, not harder·
  • ‘Self’ (esteem) based rather than ‘other’ driven personnel;
  • Increased productivity and focus;
  • Embracing of change and its benefits
  • Personnel who ‘attract’ and who build rapport;
  • Whole, balanced and purposeful personnel;
  • Productive, focused and passionate personnel;
  • Greater self responsibility among personnel (and the better allocation of responsibility)
  • Greater enthusiasm for professional development and learning;
  • More emotionally intelligent personnel
  • A more values driven organisation
  • A better and happier workplace
  • Conversion of awareness into action;
  • Greater transparency
  • Development of a 'coach approach' to management
  • Building new behaviours to support the application of new learning or knowledge