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Client Feedback


This is what selfmade coaching clients have said about their experience:

I've benefited enormously from coaching. And because it's
happened over a few months, I've been able to bed in good habits.
I've got a lot more direction in work, and am better at planning my
day and week, and taking a bird's eye view of where it is all
headed. Now when I get home, I leave work behind and focus on
my family.
Richard; October, 2005

I had to step up to the mark as a senior manager and assume a
much greater leadership role. It was foreign territory because my
strength was in organising rather than influencing others. So I
employed selfmade coaching to assist me with the transition. As a
result, I have mastered the new position quickly and successfully.
I have also experienced a quantum leap in job satisfaction.
Margaret; February, 2006

For years I had done little but work to build a successful business.
But I was tired of my business; uninspired and unhappy. Through
coaching I realised that what was missing was my need for leisure,
travel and a change of scene. But I could not contemplate a
change, let alone make it - that is, until I got help from selfmade
coaching. Within a few months I sold my business, moved town
and took on new work. Now I also travel widely, surf, train as a
pilot and have lots of leisure time.
Marty; August, 2004

Martin's clear thinking and willingness to discuss widely was of
great value. His ability to get to the core of the issue enabled me to
advance in many ways - not least of which was to re-find my
career direction. I also greatly valued his openness, truth and
directness. His own strong values and personal strength were a
very steadying factor.
Alison; April, 2004