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Coaching is an opportunity for you or your business to gain clarity, to realise choice and to embrace change.

Coaching generates positive and significant changes in people’s lives, work and businesses. It supports them get clear on what they want, to make decisions, to take action and to get results.

selfmade coaching™ challenges you or your organization to break free from your current limits: to create an authentic and fulfilling life, enjoy work which develops you and which feels purposeful, or to grow a business which has presence, purpose and punch.

selfmade coaching coaches individuals - one on one or in groups - and it coaches organization personnel and management. Its clients include professionals, government and corporate managers and personnel, CEOs, creative and entrepreneurial individuals, business people and those changing career or workplace.

Will coaching work for you or your business ? To find out, try selfmade coaching’s ………

COMPLIMENTARY coaching session

Discuss how coaching will improve your life, work or business. THEN, if you decide to go ahead with coaching you can choose from one of our coaching options. These start out from as little as $160 a month.

Selfmade Coaching

This is a no-obligation opportunity to meet with selfmade coaching.Your session will be free of charge. Anything you care to share will be treated with the strictest confidence.

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